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Thank you Durham Spinal Decompression Centre!

Thanks to the great team at Durham Spinal Decompression Centre, I am able to enjoy my passions again.   Cycling, Golf, and Renovations are a daily part of my life.

The spinal decompression treatments allowed me to return to a very active lifestyle.

I was really impressed with the professional care provided through initial assessment to ongoing treatments.  The spinal decompression was applied effectively via increments that resulted in less back pain after each treatment.

I’m back on the bike, cycling over 100 km’s, golfing regularly and renovating.

Special thanks to the team of Dr. Mary Ann Goldhawk, Sandy and Tracy for providing a comfortable and friendly atmosphere to receive quality health care.

Marty Gallas  


After months of chronic pain and failed attempts to reduce it through drugs, epidural pain blockers, acupuncture etc, I finally live without pain and it has completely changed my life.! To have the surgeon say that an operation was not possible followed by the pain clinic stating there was no more they could do, I was becoming very depressed with my situation.  I felt relieved when my family doctor sent me to Durham Spinal Decompression Centre. Within the first week I could feel relief and by the end of the treatment, my level of pain had reduced from a 10 to 1.  A most sincere thank you! 
Dan Bell


I would love to recommend the Durham Spinal Decompression Centre to anyone who has lower back pain. I had been suffering with chronic back pain for 8 years. I had sought many different types of treatment over that time but no treatment was long lasting. I have found that the Spinal Decompression Therapy has given me a new lease on life. I am learning what it is like to live pain free for the first time in years. My mobility has increased immensely and I am able to do things that I was not previously able to do.

Dr. Goldhawk is professional, positive and always uplifting. The whole team, Sandy, Tracy and Lori are kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable. Along with Dr. Fern, Dr. Goldhawk provides you with the best of care. They care about your wellbeing! I love them!!! I love what the therapy has done for my life. I am grateful I found them.

Clare Wharton 


When I first came to Durham Spinal Decompression Centre, my pain level was off the charts. I could barely make it to your door without the aid of painkillers. This was the result of a bulged disc, herniated disc and two pinched nerves in my back.  With your help and a painless procedure, you have turned things around for me. My pain level is now zero and I have avoided surgery.  I would like to offer a sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr. Fern, Dr. Goldhawk, Tracy and Sandy for their professionalism, understanding, compassionate, sympathetic and accommodation ways of treatment.  Thank you for restoring my life! 
Richard Scott 


When I first came to Dr. Goldhawk, I was in a challenging situation where I was unable to stand up straight. My mobility was compromised, so for support, I purchased a walker and a shower chair for personal care.

I didn’t want to have back surgery, so I decided to try Spinal Decompression. After going for an MRI, it was discovered that I had two herniated discs in my lower back as well as a trapped nerve.

Dr. Goldhawk started me on Spinal Decompression immediately.

The staff, Sandy and Tracy, were very caring and compassionate when it came to my pain. They did everything to try and ease it.

After two months of treatment, I was standing straight and no longer needed my walker or shower chair. I was able to get around with just a cane.

I am now walking with no assistance. That was one and a half years ago. Today, I am going for maintenance only once or twice a month. I did have some relapses along the way, but the staff at the centre were always accommodating to get me in for last minute treatment.

If you were to run into me on the street, you would not know I had the back problems that I did. I have Dr. Goldhawk, Sandy and Tracy to thank for giving me back my quality of life, as I wasn’t sure I would ever experience such again. 
Mark Wagstaff

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